Moxtea review

Today, we get to look at a special blend of herbal tea sold from Canada. Moxtea’s Viking Moxie Herbal Tea!

Many thanks to Moxtea for the discount and the additional information on the tea herbs! Check out their website here!



Information of the herbs included in the tea. All of them Viking herbs!

This tea creates a appetising sweet smell. A very floral taste with a hint of black and green tea. Don’t forget the hints of the clove and cinnamon after taste. This gives the tea a little kick. The rose isn’t overwhelmingly strong and merges with with the rest of the ingredients. I feel that it’s a great afternoon pick me up. I prefer to drink it while I’m chilling out or doing some paperwork. It’s like a drink of calm. A truly unique experience. 4/5

Keep Drinking Tea!



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