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Breakfast Brew – T2 Scot’s Breakfast Review


Another one from the T2 breakfast collection that I couldn’t resist trying!


Scots Breakfast Flavoured Black Tea

Scots Breakfast is a great tea for (mostly) rainy Scotland. This tea was made because of the recent opening of the Glasgow T2 store. Neat!

First of all, the oats are a lovely touch. The tea is warming, and quite sweet. Minimal sugar is required. One teaspoon should do. The flavour, while similar to New York Breakfast, has additional cocoa, vanilla flavouring and oats with its added cinnamon. Giving it’s distinctive caramel notes mixed with the black tea. Flavourful and warming, it’s even better with milk (dairy, almond or rice are good choices). Even hazelnut milk works! Adding a milk component and sugar does complete the experience (while still keeping sugar to a minimum). Flavourful and tasty. with a great scent. It still has the wonderful warming sensation from when you have it black. This warming brew overall would be perfect for those miserable days. 4.5/5

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This entry was posted on October 16, 2017 by in Breakfast Brew, review, Tea.
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