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Teapigs – Chocolate Orange

Limited edition! Get it while you can!

Chocolate Orange Flavoured Black Tea

Ingredients – cocoa husk, carob, beetroot, orange peel, cocoa beans, chicory root roasted, rosehip seed, cocoa powder, safflower petals, orange blossom, natural orange flavouring, chocolate flavouring 

First Impressions.

The chocolate orange smell delivers both dry and brewed. When brewed, the chocolate orange remains, but there is a hint of a strange smell. This may just be the teabags I’ve received as a gift, and it’s packaging was in tin foil. To be honest, I think it’s the orange that makes the smell overpowering. It’s definitely a brew that makes an entire room smell of it’s flavour! It does smell like chocolate orange once you give it a double take. Once it’s lukewarm, you can notice the orange flavour and it doesn’t smell as odd. Besides that, the overall experience is there! This tea ain’t kidding around.

Tea Time!

I first tried the brew as it is. The taste has a strong, roasty chocolate flavour. It’s exceeded my expectations in terms of taste. The silky texture with the hints of a slightly bitter tea, makes this a good tea for chocolate fans.

For the next drink, I added some milk. This tea is made for milk! The colour is a slight, beige-pink. The creamy addition completes the chocolatey experience. The mixture of tea and chocolate don’t overpower each other. It’s not the sweetest of brews so if you want true sweetness, add sugar or honey. It’s even better with the sugar. This blend is also recommended as a latte! A genius idea!

Final Thoughts?

The smell has gotten a lot better as I’ve tried it more. It smells more like a chocolate orange and not an overwhelming orange and cocoa smell. It’s hard to pin down. This tea has been a slow grower for me, and I’m now sad to have ran out of teabags! A lot of chocolate teas don’t deliver, this blend is one of the few that does! I recommend it.


Keep Drinking Tea!



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